SHAKEDOWN – 24th Marik Militia vs 3rd Free Worlds Guard

Today the 24th Militia have asked for some practice drills with the 3rd Free Worlds Guards who happen to be stopping off on a jump on their way back to resupply. In need of some rec time and a stretch of their legs after a long few weeks in the dropship, the junior lance was more than happy to volunteer. Finding some space near the Militia storage sheds of the Garrison on Concord the troops set up themselves a little skirmish. First team to frag a mech is the winner.
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Scenario 1 – Infestation

No one has heard anything out of this sector for weeks. A team was even sent in to re-establish contact, only they never reported in. Something has happened and your force has been selected to work out exactly what. As you arrive it soon becomes quite clear what you are in for... There has been an infestation lurking underneath the ground, and they are coming out now.

It's not a question of if you can survive, but how long can you hold out for?

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