2022 – the “To – do” list!

Let’s Make a Business out of this!

Hello Rangers,

And I hope that the new year finds you well. Lots of crazy things are happening in our world right now and I know not everyone is having a great time. I find myself in the lucky position of being one of the fortunate few who has been living a fairly blessed and unimpacted life thus far and I pray to all the eldritch beings of the multiverse that this continues to be the case. I hope good things come your way also.

Being a new year, it is tradition here at Arjade Productions that I make a post promising how I plan to actually do something with my life this year, only to pretty much never post again on the blog. So why break with tradition haha.

What is different this year however is that I do have several projects that are progressing regardless of my laziness and as such I will be forced brutally to actually do something with myself in this arena. I thought we could do a quick run down of what the plan is for this year anyway and see what we can do.

Extraordinary Expeditions

The first cab off the rank is Extraordinary Expeditions

My work with this project is far from over, and for the past month or so I have been very busy working on the maps for this project. Whilst my business partner is working very hard managing the whole rest of the project, I have only a small obligation and feel that I should probably powerhouse into that as best as possible. Making maps for the project is teaching me some new skills and has been presenting me with interesting design challenges. One of the selling points of Extraordinary Expeditions is that they aren’t your standard dungeons, and so as you can imagine that presents new issues with regards to the mapping of said project.

It is my hope that these should all be done by the time I have to return to my “job proper” as a High School Teacher, however who can say. They definitely need to be done sooner rather than later as the project is funded and has to get its butt to the printer. So regardless of what else comes up on the agenda, that is my MAIN priority enterring into 2022.

DICE RANGER MAGAZINE! The hot new hobby mag!

The eternally marching Dice Ranger Magazine is ALSO an early starter for 2022

The success so far of Dice Ranger Magazine has been amazing. I have received so many positive comments and warm feedback regarding this e-zine. Whilst I would love to get it out there on more platforms I simply have not had the time to investigate that. I would love to find a way to make time for that if possible. Or if anyone else out there knows of ways to get this in front of more folks, please feel free to share to help me grow this. I put a lot of hard work into every issue and I believe it really shows on the pages.

I have been working with several others to get some fun articles lined up, not to mention the humourous comics and outstanding fiction in every issue. We have also been working with our Friendly Local Gaming Store to distribute some cool Magic Tokens that will be making their way to folks soon. Hopefully we can build a bit of a brand with this magazine and develop a reputation for high quality product. The next issue isn’t due out until February so we will see you all then.

Mystic Times Guides

The Long Awaited Mystic Times Campaign Guide

For years I have been trying to put together this stupid campaign guide and I have decided that after my current obligations THIS will be the next major focus of my work. Building the fantasy setting is a slow and arduous task and I really want to share this world that so many of my friends and even family members have been helping to construct since I started playing DnD back in 2002. I can’t think of a better year to release an official product than the 20 year anniversary of my start into RPGs.

I know that it is true what they say, that you are your own homebrew settings biggest fan and no one else gives a crap. But hey…. I gotta try right? haha.

DARK AWAKENINGS! A Fantasy Anthology

FINALLY! The Fiction is released! – Mystic Times: Dark Awakenings

Just like the Magazine, I have been slowly gathering short stories written by friends, family and of course myself. I have two more stories to get finished and then I can start the edits/world-editing to create a consistent narrative throughout all the individual stories. My plan is that this will be out in time for Christmas next year if possible. It will be a fiction anthology with a wide variety of stories which share the common theme of “Dark Awakenings” all set in the Mystic Times world.

The Artwork here was done by Daniel Johnson, and is the inspiration for an outstanding story and character who is willing to sacrifice all he has. I feel the artwork really shares the vibe of dark fantasy that these stories in particular are going for and as such should be the cover of the anthology. I am hoping to use the money from my work on Expeditions to fund the last few stories and get the book out in time.

Foreign Body – Classic Cthulhu Horror!

If you haven’t yet picked up Foreign Body, Please Do!

You can get your copy of my Classic 1920’s Cthulhu module “Foreign Body” here!

So please go and check out the hard work I put into this adventure. It was a lot of fun to write and I assure you will not be my only venture with the Miskatonic Repository. I would love to market this a little more in the coming year as well. Every sale of this product gives me money to fund my future business ventures so please do share the love where possible.

That about wraps it up for this post. There are a few other projects I am working on too but I don’t want to over promise and under deliver. At least all the things you see here will get DONE! this year! I promise.

I also hope to be writing a bit more on here and getting some resources out more regularly. Wish me luck.


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  • Rhynessa

    How exciting! Sending you all the potions and XP boosts to get this done in 2022 (and maybe I’ll help with writing a story) 🙂


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