FREE RESOURCES! – Scatter Terrain

Free Papercraft Scatter Terrain

Download it HERE

The other week I asked my followers on the instagram page (@arjadesgames) what were some things they wanted as regular posts. One of the answers was some papercraft terrain. In talking with the person who requested that, they said that there are lots of high quality full buildings and complicated terrain pieces. Most of those are fantasy based.

So I have put together quickly some easy to assemble, nice looking, scifi crates and drums that are scaled for 28mm miniatures. The small crates can be seen over by your standard miniature and the large crates and drums will provide full cover. All of them should be strong enough to hold most standard sized plastic and resin miniatures.

I am going to continue to develop some terrain for printing. If there is anything you want, please let me know, email or comment on our social media posts so that we can get you what you want.

For best results these can be printed on photo paper which is a bit thicker and stronger. It will also give you the vibrant colours. I’d encourage you to apply decals or weathering to make them a bit more interesting. Giving them a good coat of pva glue or varnish to make them more hardy.

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